General Admission / Walk-on : $15

Includes all day entry and Unlimited compressed air fills


Each rental package comes with all day admission. 

Along with all day air, with necessary safety equipment, and 500 paintballs.

Low Impact $40

Low Impact paintball offers all the same games as regular paintball does. The only difference between this package and the rest is that low impact paintball uses a smaller ball which means it will hurt less. This package is best for younger age groups and anyone nervous about getting hit their first time. Low impact players will always play in in private games alone.

Tippmann 98 $40

The Tippmann 98 package offers fun for everyone. This entry level, semi-automatic, mechanical marker, with a gravity-fed hopper, offers players of any level a great experience at a low cost.

Tippmann Project Salvo $50

The Tippmann Alpha Black/Project Salvo package adds a MILSIM feel to players who like to run covert missions on the field. For just a little more than the Tippmann 98, this package is an entry level semi-automatic, mechanical marker, with a gravity-fed hopper, that comes with an upgraded barrel for a more accurate shot.

SP-1 $60

The SP-1 package is a mid level, semi-automatic, electronic marker, which is lightweight and quiet with an electronic force fed hopper. This marker offers fast paced gameplay with a MILSIM feel.

Empire Axe/ Invert mini $70

The Empire Axe/Invert mini package is a mid-level, tournament electronic gun, with an electronic force fed hopper, this package allows you to use the similar equipment the pro’s do with a lower cost.


What is included in your membership?

* Free basic rental package (excludes paint)

* Discounts on upgraded rental packages

*$5 dollars off per case of paint (2000 rounds)

* Daily Entry

*Good for One Calendar year

*Photo ID Card

* Youth membership (16 and under =$85)

*Adult membership (17 and up =$100)

Paint price

Paint Case(2000)              Paint Bag(500)

Rec $50                             $15

Mid $55                              $16

High $60                           $18

Tournament $65              $20


Miscellaneous items

*3k high pressure tank $5

* Electronic fed hopper $10

* Jumpsuits $7

*Mask Upgrade 10$(for resistant)

All private parties during the week or on the weekend must call one week in advance in order to reserve a spot.