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Introducing .50 Cal Paintball

Here at Matt’s Outback we are proud to announce that we are going to start offering LOW IMPACT .50 cal as a rental option.

.50 cal is a fantastic way to get any kids or younger players into the sport of paintball who where initially concerned about any pain. With Low Impact .50 cal, you will have just as much fun with out much of the pain of standard .68 cal paintballs.

When planning to use .50 cal it is suggest that you have enough players to play, as 50 cal will be separated from standard .68 cal play, so you want to make sure you have people to play against so you can have a great time.

.50 Cal is a GREAT option for birthday parties, family outings, business gathering, and school/camp events. As it will appeal to anyone who is not sure about the pain of standard paintball. We hope that we get many new players into the sport of paintball with our new package, and everyone has a fantastic time.

Call now to book your .50 Cal party today, and we hope to see you at the outback!

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