Absolutely! We strive to ensure the safest and most fun-fueled day for all our players. Experienced referees and field staff are available on the field, in staging areas, and in the pro-shop to educate players and enforce safety rules. The safety rules are easy to remember! All players wear paintball specific, full-face goggles while within designated shooting boundaries. All paintball markers must have regulation barrel socks properly fixed to their equipment while in the parking lot, staging areas, and pro-shop, even if there are no paintballs or air in the marker or if the marker is off.

There is a slight sting to getting hit. Most players describe getting hit to getting snapped with a rubber band. It’s usually the fear of getting hit that’s worse than the actual hit itself! For players that are really nervous about getting hit, we do offer low-impact rental packages. Low-impact paintball offers the same fun and games as standard paintball, just with less sting. Low-impact players do not mix with standard players.

We recommend players to wear old clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty. Dress appropriately for the weather as well! Be sure to wear shoes that you can comfortably run in.

Bring yourself, friends, family, coworkers, and expectations of a great time! In order to expedite the check-in process, waivers can be printed from our website and signed ahead of time. We recommend to bring extra clothes to change into so you don’t get your car dirty.

We have a wide variety of rental packages available so you don’t have to own equipment to play! Each rental package is easy to use and referees and field staff will teach each player how to properly use rental equipment.

Any age can play! All players must sign a waiver in order to play. Players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them. Players under the age of 10 must have an adult with them on the field.

No, Matt’s Outback Paintball is a field paint only facility. Any paint purchased outside of Matt’s Outback is strictly prohibited. Players found shooting non-field paint faces immediate ejection. Paintballs are available for purchase inside the pro-shop by the bag (500 paintballs) or by the case (2000 paintballs).

That’s completely up to you! Referees will make sure games are evenly matched as best as possible, as well as ensure that players do not overshoot each other. We want everyone to have a great experience!

The length of games may vary on the field and type of game. Sometimes they last a few minutes, at most they last 30 minutes. Referees will call the start and end of every match, as well as enforce game rules.

Once players are ready for a game, they will go to the staging area of the field they want to play on. Referees will go over game rules and cycle teams in for matches. Games can vary from elimination, capture the flag, or attack and defend the castle. If there is a specific game you’d like to play, just let the referees know and they will do their best to accommodate you!

When you come down the driveway, you’ll see the pro-shop on the right. The pro-shop is where you will go to sign waivers (if you don’t have one pre-signed), pay for your entry or rental fees, get your wristband, and paint if you need it. One side of the shop is designated for sales and check-ins, while the other side is designated for rental equipment pick-up/drop-off and equipment repair.

Snacks and drinks are available for purchase in the shop, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own. Please keep in mind that we are a family oriented facility and as such, alcohol is prohibited.

On open play days, reservations are not required. We are open to the public every Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm, Wednesdays in the summer (when school is not in session) 10am – 5pm, and select holidays (will be posted on our Facebook page). Private sessions are available throughout the week, but reservations must be made in advance with a minimum of 8 players attending.

Yes it does! Paint is made out of food coloring, oil, and a variety of other food products. Though unlikely, there is a small possibility that clothes may become stained if they sit for too long. To lessen the chance of staining, either rinse or wash clothes as soon as possible.

Matt’s Outback is open rain, snow, or shine! The only time we will close would be for severe inclement weather in which player safety is at risk.

Don’t worry, we have 3000 psi compressed air tanks, gravity feed hoppers, electronic hoppers, and more available for renting! Please note that we do not have items such as shoes, socks, belts, etc. available for purchase or rent.

On average, players spend about $50, but that depends on a variety of items such as how much paint you will shoot or what rental package you want to purchase. Be sure to bring extra for snacks, drinks, or extra paintballs!

just let the referees know if you want to play a private game and they will do thier best to accommodate you! Please keep in mind that sometimes private games may start a bit later than preferred, based on the number of players we have on that day

Absolutely not. Airsoft masks do not meet the safety regulations of paintball masks and cannot be used for paintball. Using an airsoft mask for paintball increases the chance for injury due to not being able to withstand the impact from a paintball.

The paintballs we carry are nontoxic and ecofriendly. They are made of gelatin, food dye, oil, and other food products. You can even eat the paintballs, we just dont recommend it!

Paintball is dangerous and you could get hurt.

  • Playing paintball at a regulated field is incredibly safe. The worst injuries people get is walking away with the welt

Paintball is violent and aggressive.

  • paintball is great for building communication skills, teamwork skills, and exercise! Seriously, you’ll use muscles you never knew you had!

Groups with a minimum of 8 players receive member pricing on paintballs by the case (2000 paintballs). No other group rates are available as the rental packages are the lowest rate we can offer them.

Its possible a bruise or welt can be left behind. The closer you are to another player, the higher the chance of a welt or bruise. Low-impact paintball has a very minimal chance of a bruise being left.

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