About Us


Matt's Outback Paintball

Matt’s Outback Paintball strives to make sure our field is the best and safest place to play paintball for all kinds of players. Before building and opening Matt’s Outback Paintball to the public, Tom, the owner and operator of Matt’s Outback Paintball, began playing paintball in his own backyard with his son, Matt, and a small group of close friends. As time went on, word spread and the number of players grew as the group of close friends began inviting other friends and fellow players from all over the state. Soon enough, what began as a fun, semi-organized sport in Tom’s backyard evolved into a full-featured and regulated public paintball field. Friends chipped in and helped out where they could to shape Matt’s Outback Paintball into who we are today; one of the top paintball fields in New England.

Who we are

We strive to give our players the best playing experience as possible while saving them money! We want every player that comes to be considered as a friend and never a customer!
Our goal is to keep our friends coming back, and make new ones along the way. We want to make sure everyone feels safe while having a great time playing!
What we offer?
We offer a robust fleet of rentals for players of all kinds! Along with fiends to go with them, from highly maintained speed-ball fields to strategically designed woods playing course! We have it all!
Our services
We offer anything from free marker diagnostics, to maker sales, to rental services. We look forward to seeing you!